Full Reports from Past Seasons

2022 Season Report

  • Over 150 fishermen signing on to participate in the partnership 
  • 80 environmental and biological observations collected
  • Observations from across the state of Alaska; including Southeast, the Gulf of Alaska, Prince William Sound, Bristol Bay, and many points in between.  
  • Bringing science, fishery managers, and fishermen together during a workshop hosted in partnership with NOAA’s Alaska Fisheries Science Center. The workshop was attended by 18 fishermen and 22 scientists from various disciplines.  

Summer 2021 – Pilot Season

Highlights from the 2021 program include:

100 fishermen signed up for the program

19 Alaska-based fishing trade organizations supported and endorsed the program, demonstrating strong interest from the industry

1,697 fishermen provided their opinions on climate change via phone interviews

49 data entries completed in the SkipperScience app by participants

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